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About Joseph

Joseph learned the value of hard work and service to his community from his grandfather, an immigrant and small business owner. Drawn to public safety and criminal justice from a young age, Joseph was a Sheriff’s Deputy Explorer before being the first in his family to go to college and then law school. He has seen the brokenness of our system both as a defense attorney representing criminal defendants who want a fair shot at justice, and now as a prosecutor representing victims who want to feel protected under the law.

Joseph is a public servant, community leader and LGBTQ+ activist. He represents a generational shift in leadership, challenging the same politics as usual and building a movement to reclaim the District Attorney’s office for the people. Los Angeles County needs a new approach to criminal justice – one that doesn’t treat addiction as a crime, one that broadens our understanding of community safety, and one that ensures that justice is applied fairly to all.

Joseph in the Community

Joseph’s bold, progressive campaign relies on collaboration with community members and law enforcement stakeholders – and is rooted by a commitment to accessibility and accountability. He finds strength and support in his longtime partner, Dale.


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